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Today's Featured Dream Workplace: Mount Carleton, New Brunswick

Courtesy of Robert Ogilvie, Owner, Talent Edge

Mount Carleton

These are photos of Mount Carleton provincial park in Saint-Quentin in upper New Brunswick. It actually has 4 peaks: Carleton (the highest point), along with Sagamook, Head, and Bailey. Mount Carleton park is my favorite place myself and has the best mountains in Atlantic Canada. The small fire-spotting hut at the the top of Carleton has an amazing view out over the park. When my friends and I were there in summer 2012, clouds quickly rolled in and totally engulfed the tiny hut. It was like walking on the sky- an amazing experience of nature. If I had the choice, I'd work from Mount Carleton park every single day.

- Bobby Ogilvie, Owner, Talent Edge

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