Frequently Asked Questions

What data protection measures are in place?

It's our job to protect you. And we take it seriously. We provide military-grade security on every NPC, backed with a program of constant, proactive monitoring. We automatically secure a daily file backup and store the data in Canadian or U.S. located secure data centres. We provide AES 256-bit encryption on every device, with over 80 steps to enhance the security of the hardware, operating system and Office suite. These standards are proven and reliable for even the most demanding of organizations. We have expert penetration testing professionals test every design we release.

NPC DataGuard Pro systems feature an integrated biometric fingerprint reader that works, well, beautifully. Aside from being super-secure and super-fast to get you into your Pro system, it can be tied to all those logins and long passwords you have to enter every day to get into your services. From LinkedIn to your online banking, set a strong password once, and then swipe your finger to get in every time after.


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"It was the first time we encountered technology that would provide us with a host of things all at one time."

Shawn Saulneir - CEO, SAJ Advancement Services


"NPC has taken the hassle factor out of managing my computer system."

Joe Sheehan - Life Design Systems