Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the data on my lost or stolen computer?

No matter what, your data is secure. We give you options so you are always in control.  If it’s just misplaced we can temporarily disable it.  If stolen we can trigger a destruct code ensuring that none of your information remains on the machine.  There are plenty of “tripwires” built-in to self-destruct the data for those extra-clever culprits who know enough not to put a stolen computer back on the Internet. In all cases, destroyed or not, the data is military-grade encrypted, safe from prying eyes.


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"It was the first time we encountered technology that would provide us with a host of things all at one time."

Shawn Saulneir - CEO, SAJ Advancement Services


"NPC has taken the hassle factor out of managing my computer system."

Joe Sheehan - Life Design Systems