Frequently Asked Questions

Who is NPC?

NPC is a proud Canadian success story. Based in the Toronto area, we’re a subsidiary of The Keating Group, Canada’s leading branch outsourcing service to the high-tech industry for more than 25 years, and an award winning specialist in customer care and technical support… the heart of NPC. You can read more about our leadership team here, and our advisors to the corporation here.

Our experience with customer care and IT support was the inspiration for NPC. From our unique vantage point, we could see that the risks and challenges of do-it-yourself computing for companies of every size were multiplying constantly, even if time to deal with them wasn’t. And we could also see that the security challenges facing the solo professional through to large enterprises were about to explode. Managing computing was quickly becoming a hidden tax on productivity. NPC was born in 2008, the first service of its kind to help every professional and business stay firmly ahead of these challenges, and save time and money in the process.

When our customers choose NPC, they also benefit from some of the most respected and successful brands in the industry, our technology partners Intel, HP, Autonomy (formerly Iron Mountain Digital), Intel® and Rogers.

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"It was the first time we encountered technology that would provide us with a host of things all at one time."

Shawn Saulneir - CEO, SAJ Advancement Services


"NPC has taken the hassle factor out of managing my computer system."

Joe Sheehan - Life Design Systems