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How are NPC's solutions different from other computing solutions?

We do it all for you. It’s an integrated laptop, desktop or tablet computer that protects your data everywhere, all the time. Instead of separately buying hardware, anti-virus software, cloud backup, IT support, figuring out data encryption and hoping everything works together, you get a single solution that was designed from the ground up to be secure and productive.

Managed and monitored every day for everything from malware attacks to system performance, NPC protects you 24/7 if your computer is lost or stolen, putting a replacement computer – with your most recently backed up data already loaded – back in your hands. Add our embedded 4G wireless capability for a nominal additional monthly fee. Installed, managed and supported by NPC, 4G wireless gives you the ultimate in additional security and productivity with on-the-move connectivity wherever you go.

Is our company the right size for an NPC solution?

Every company is the right size for an NPC DataGuard Pro, or NPC DataGuard Pro 4G. NPC designed its offerings from a clean sheet of paper to scale simply and efficiently. From 1 user to 1,000 there is no minimum or limit to the number of people it can service. Domain friendly, it was built to integrate seamlessly into large, networked enterprises, even those with multiple locations and mobile or telecommuting workforces. Enterprise size is never an obstacle to deploying an NPC solution.

The only difference between our large and small enterprise customers is what they love most about us. Entrepreneurs and small business owners tell us that NPC DataGuard Pro is a cost-effective way to take care of endpoint IT support, cloud storage and data security so they can focus on what they do best. Large enterprise leaders say that NPC solutions are a more secure, efficient, and cost containing solution to standardize compliance requirements, keeping endpoints running smoothly and reliably, all the time. NPC frees up in-house IT resources for more strategic endeavours, and ensures eyes are never taken off the security monitors.

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Is an NPC solution suitable for deployment in enterprise, government, and healthcare?

How does NPC charge?

NPC customers pay a single, inclusive monthly fee, much like they do for their mobile phones. We think there are three important benefits to this:

It’s simple. Rather than buying computers, paying fees for IT support and licensing software, it’s all bundled into a single, predictable monthly charge that’s less than the cost of doing it yourself, whether you are doing 1 or 1000, and takes a lot less of your time to manage.

There’s no capital cost to amortize. With NPC, you can expense your IT equipment and software every month. This lets your company stay flexible, and you’re never amortizing obsolete equipment.

You’re always up to date. NPC manages everything for you, including monitoring the health of your computers and keeping operating systems and software versions current.

What you’ll pay depends on the service you choose. Here’s a quick summary:


NPC DataGuard Pro
NPC DataGuard Pro 4G

Military-Grade Data Security


Secure, Private Cloud Backup


Personalized IT Support


Secured, Managed Hardware


Secure 4G Wireless


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"It was the first time we encountered technology that would provide us with a host of things all at one time."

Shawn Saulneir - CEO, SAJ Advancement Services


"NPC has taken the hassle factor out of managing my computer system."

Joe Sheehan - Life Design Systems