NPC Operations and Security Status During COVID-19 Pandemic


March 17, 2020


Dear NPC Client,

At NPC we have activated our emergency response measures for the current COVID-19 crisis. Be assured we will continue to monitor and manage your security at all times and are in full operation. While our measures eliminated non-essential business travel and face-to-face meetings, work from home procedures are in place for administrative and sales staff. Our operations teams continue to provide both new and warranty replacement systems to ensure we meet your needs at this critical time.

We know how important the secure operation of your business is, especially during a crisis. You and your staff may be required to work remotely, possibly for the first time. We are ensuring your secure, managed and monitored NPC systems will continue to allow you to safely do that.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals are not sympathetic to this humanitarian emergency. There is in fact evidence they are increasing their malicious efforts. This weekend there was an attack designed to disrupt operations at the U.S. Health and Human Services Department. Such an untimely and nefarious attack reminds us all the importance of ensuring we work securely while so much distraction has materialized around us. Be assured at NPC we are keenly aware of this and are, as always, standing vigilant to protect you and your business.

Our support technicians have advanced and secure remote support technologies. In general, you can expect no significant deterioration of our support services through the crisis. There may be some periods of slower than usual response times from increased call activity as a result of our clients executing their work from home plans who may need extra assistance in doing so. We thank you in advance for your patience if you do experience what may be minor delays.

The design of our NPC systems and services purposefully reduces the need for onsite services. However, for the very small number of situations that do require it, we have increased the latitude for our technicians to employ advanced warranty replacements whereby a replacement device is sent urgently and in advance of the requirement to return a defective unit. Any remaining onsite support needs will be individually approved by our Vice-President of Technology and Operations, and special procedures will be followed to protect your staff and ours in those rare events.

As well, we are in the process of instituting an additional anti-COVID-19 safety measure. As a last step before they are sent to you we will be sanitizing all new and warranty devices.

It is now evident the potential for serious economic impact from this crisis is inevitable. Our ability to continue to be as productive as possible using the best collaboration and remote work tools is not only to our personal benefit, but society at large. Your investment in NPC solutions already places you in an excellent position to execute your business continuity plan and work from home capabilities, in the coming days and weeks we will be providing both written information and online webinars to ensure you are fully utilizing the secure, remote work capabilities in our products.

We are, without question, in a time of unprecedented challenge that will require us to adapt to a new reality. Know that we take our obligation to ensure your continued security and productivity with the utmost urgency and priority.

And, from all of us at NPC, we sincerely hope you and your family stay healthy and safe through the crisis.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly or your NPC contact, if we can be of assistance at this time or to clarify any of the above.


Larry J. Keating
NPC DataGuard, a division of Compugen Inc.