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Don't Be Frugal Get Data Protection Help

November 6th 2013

The evolution of the risk landscape means that it is harder for you to recognize when your computer or solutions have been hacked by cybercriminals. This is because cyberattacks have become more sophisticated in the sense that these actions can often blend in with your everyday activities without raising any red flags. For this reason, you should consider taking a proactive, defensiveĀ approach.

Rather than having a plan in place that will help you recover from an attack, you should take preventative measures to reduce the chances of those incidents happening at all. While there are a number of methods for augmenting your data protection strategies, you should consider working with a trusted managed security service provider to get experience on your side.

How can a security vendor help you?

In today's unpredictable economy, it's understandable that you may to be a little frugal. At the same time, however, saving a few extra dollars may not necessarily be worth it if all of the sensitive information stored on your company-provided tablet becomes compromised and you lose your job. While this may be an extreme example, it can happen, so don't let it happen to you.

You need to think about recruiting the help of a trusted security provider that has the ability to monitor your endpoints and alert you of any anomalous behavior. While you may be able to deploy encryption and other protective tools on your own, experts can do it better and more efficiently, guaranteed.

The unfortunate truth is that many perimeter security solutions may be irrelevant if you open the gates and allow an outsider unmonitored access to your sensitive files. Phishing attacks, which are often disguised as emails telling you to change your password or update your username, are happening more frequently than ever and it may not be until it is too late that you realize that you left the back door open. Experienced data protection providers are knowledgeable and familiar with these types of instances, which means that even if you do slip up, the vendor will have the tools available to mitigate any risk as quickly as possible.

As the threat landscape becomes more menacing and mysterious, you need to consider seeking the expertise from a security vendor, as doing so is definitely a better investment than falling victim to a hack.

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