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Larry Keating Talks Cybersecurity on Parliament Hill

October 2nd, 2017

Tech Day on the Hill, taking place this year on October 3rd, is designed to "connect tech CEOs with the policy decision-makers on Parliament Hill. Staffers, MPs, Senators and other stakeholders can meet and learn about the issues that those in the tech sector currently encounter" according to event organizer North of The event features industry experts speaking, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and a well-attended closing reception.

Speaking on the event's cyber security panel, Larry Keating, President and CEO of NPC, will be discussing the importance of supporting cyber security next-stage companies to Canada's innovation strategy, with the dual benefit of creating technologies at scale that ensure the protection of Canadian organizations and individuals.

"It is essential for policy and law makers to better understand the importance of supporting Canada's innovative cyber security companies through growth and scale stages, many of which are respected as the best in the world at what they do. Canada will benefit economically from this support as cybercrime has quickly become a top business issue from the boardroom to the front-line, with no end in sight. As well, the national security benefit of made-in-Canada cyber solutions to protect the enormous threat cybercrime presents to our citizens, our businesses, and our society at large, cannot be understated," stated Larry Keating, President and CEO of NPC.

Last year more than 200 legislative staffers, MP's and Senators connected with CEO's from a cross-section of Canada's most innovative companies to further Canada's role in a rapidly evolving world of innovation. From understanding what is important in technology today, to barriers to success for Canadian innovation companies, Tech Day on Parliament Hill facilitated a robust and productive dialogue.

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