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NPC DataGuard is a Proud Sponsor of the 25th Annual CAILBA National Conference; Larry Keating to Speak on the Impact of A.I.

June 5, 2024

25th Annual CAILBA National Conference

We are proud to sponsor and attend the 2024 CAILBA National Conference in Whistler, BC. Last year's event was a great experience and we are eager to reconnect with industry leaders and forge new partnerships. CAIBLA is the Canadian Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies, and is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their National Conference

The CAILBA conference serves as a cornerstone for industry professionals, fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing between Managing General Agents (MGAs), regulators, insurance companies, and vendors. At NPC DataGuard, we understand the value of these gatherings to stay at the forefront of industry trends and changes.

Larry Keating, President and Founder of NPC, will be speaking during the event, advising MGAs on important cybersecurity matters for organizations to consider to properly prepare themselves and their members to protect the private data they store on behalf of their clients. Key to his message will be the impact of AI on the current cyber threat landscape.

“CAILBA is a strong and clear voice for their members in the face of changing compliance, regulation, and the cyber threat landscape. It performs an essential role providing guidance and resources to help members improve their operations and adhere to industry standards. NPC has a proven track record helping the insurance industry protect their businesses, their brands, and the information they manage. We are very excited to work with CAILBA and their members to continue this important work,” stated Keating.

NPC’s primary goal is to engage with MGAs and like-minded professionals to build strong business relationships within this community and help them prepare themselves and their advisors for the next generation of cyber threat.


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CAILBA is a national industry association that works alongside our members to keep current of change and effectively implement compliance and regulatory updates that support fair treatment of consumers. We foster best practices to better the insurance industry and build unity in the MGA community nationally. CAILBA was organized by agencies who understand that some things which must be done to protect and improve the place of life brokerage agencies in the socio-economic system, must be done collectively. For more information, visit

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