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Investment Industry Association of Canada and NPC Renew Secure Computing Program for Member Firms

April 13, 2017

The NPC IIAC Secure Computing Program is for IIAC members who have independent and captive advisors that need to ensure the sensitive business and client information on the computer they use is protected. The Program offers an attractive pre-negotiated discount package for NPC’s industry-leading secure managed laptop, desktop and tablet computers, that ensure the highest level of security, compliance and performance in an economical and easy to use package.

"The IIAC has stressed the importance of cyber security and has been supportive of NPC and our efforts in minimizing the cyber threats financial professionals are facing today” stated Larry Keating, President and CEO of NPC “we are excited to continue our work with them on this valuable program." To see the other cyber security tools and resources the IIAC is offering to its members click here.

NPC IIAC Secure Computing Program

Click here to see the NPC IIAC Secure Computing Program

About IIAC
The Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) is the national association representing the investment industry’s position on securities regulation, public policy and industry issues on behalf of our 144 IIROC-regulated investment dealer member firms in the Canadian securities industry. These dealer firms are the key intermediaries in Canadian capital markets, accounting for the vast majority of financial advisory services, securities trading and underwriting in public and private markets for governments and corporations. The IIAC provides leadership for the Canadian securities industry with a commitment to a vibrant, prosperous investment industry driven by strong and efficient capital markets. For more information, please visit

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