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January 22nd 2009

By: Fred Sherwin


If you depend on your lap top for your livelihood you probably live in mortal fear that A) it will be stolen, or B) it will simply stop working either due to a virus or the hard drive simply gives out.

The latter is more common than you think, especially if your hard drive is constantly being used. Over use can sometimes cause the processor to stop working all together. In such a case it can cost between $800 and $1,000 to retrieve the data and load it onto a new hard drive.

One solution is to create a back up, but not everyone refreshes their back-up drive as much as they should.

Then there’s the issue of theft. Laptop thefts are quickly becoming an epidemic and even if you have a backup there’s still a chance that the person who stole your computer can cause a considerable amount of damage if they can access the data.

So how can the average business person insure peace of mind as well as complete security? Well fortunately there is a company out there that specializes in providing small and medium sized businesses with a safe secure alternative to do-it-yourself IT, and they’re Canadian too.

No Panic Computing is the brainchild of Keating Technologies president Larry Keating. It’s a revolutionary new service that allows businesses and individuals to lease an HP Notebook laptop with a full range of safeguards backed up by 24/7 technical support.

The backbone of No Panic Computing is NPC Data Guard which automatically backs up your data every time you log onto the Internet and ensures that it is safe and protected from electronic predators using a dual approach.

The first level of defence is the laptop itself. Each HP Notebook is installed with the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware software plus a data auto-destruction function which allows you to remotely wipe out the data on your computer should it be stolen.

The second level of defence is powered by Iron Mountain technology and features the highest level data encryption to protect against hackers and a data recovery system that can access stored data and programs at any time.

Each unit also comes comes with no charge parts replacement, power surge protection, accidental damage protection and quick replacement program in case your laptop is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged for whatever reason.

Should any one of the above occur, NPC will quickly send you a replacement unit with your programs installed and your data restored.

Customers can choose between an HP 8510p or 6910p loaded with Windows XP or Vista, the Microsoft Office Suite of programs, ESET Antivirus and Antispyware Business Edition and Claritude Speedfiller. Each laptop features an Intel Centrino Pro mobile processor, a 120GB hard drive, 2GB of memory, Intel wireless technology, a fingerprint reader, ATI graphics accelerator, built-in speakers and a microphone.

The cost to the client is $129.95 per unit based on a 36 month lease. If clients want to stick with their own laptop and simply take advantage of the NPC Dataguard service to protect their data the monthly fee is just $49.95 per month.

One of the few licensed No Panic Computing dealers in Ottawa is Jacques Mailloux who just happens to reside in Orléans. Jacques can be reached at 613-851-5958, or you can e-mail him at He will be more than happy to discuss the many advantages of using NPC with you.

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