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Canadians Affected in Home Depot Breach

September 9th 2014

What's the issue?

Several US banks have issued a warning that Home Depot has suffered a significant breach of customer debit and credit cards. The claims are substantiated by large volumes of US card data being actively sold on the internet today that are traced back to Home Depot transactions.

On Monday September 8th, Home Depot confirmed that the security breach affects payments from April 2014 and onwards in both US and Canadian stores.

Do I need to take any action at this time?

If you made a debit or credit card transaction in a Home Depot store in 2014 from April onwards, Home Depot is providing free identity protection services, including credit monitoring by Equifax Premier. You can find more information on how to request your free identity protection here.

Home Depot also stresses that customers will not be held responsible for any fraudulent activities on their account. As always be sure to watch for any unusual transactions on your credit and debit statements as they may be fraudulent.

Where can I learn more?

NPC will keep an eye on the story and alert you on any important updates. Read more on the developing story at Krebs on Security: In Wake of Confirmed Breach at Home Depot, Banks See Spike in PIN Debit Card Fraud.

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