Power Features

Secure Sleep Mode

Instant-on & instant-off

What is it?

This "instant-on & instant-off" feature allows you to quickly secure your computer when you walk away from it, and quickly wake it back up when you’re ready to work again. NPC’s special configuration of sleep mode and secure device access allows you to be confident that only you will get back into your work.

To re-activate your computer, just press the power button, and you will be asked to swipe your fingerprint to re-enter your work. If you have to shutdown completely for a reboot to reset your system after a software update, just hit the Windows® Start button, and then shut down.

How does it work?

    For Instant-Off you can use option A or B:

  1. Click on the NPC Secure Sleep icon on your taskbar and your device will quickly and securely go to sleep.
  2. If you have a laptop close the lid of your laptop.

  3. For Instant-On you can use option C or D:

  4. When you open the lid of your NPC laptop it will turn on automatically.
  5. If your laptop is already open or you are on a desktop, then simply press the power button.