NPC Client - Brenda Sernoskie

CI Assante


I started with NPC almost 10 years ago. When I moved my office into Toronto, I knew I would be on the road more and would need both the tech support and the security NPC provides to protect not only my client data but also my business. It gave me peace of mind that if my laptop was ever lost or stolen it would be unlikely any data could be accessed due to its strong encryption and, if needed, the machine could be remotely erased.

For a reasonable monthly cost, NPC not only provides up-to-date hardware (and replaces it every three years) but they migrate my data from the old system to the new and have it ready within a few days. A few years ago, I had a critical hard disk failure and lost my entire system — NPC had my new computer up and running within two business days.

I think the best part of the service is their tech support people. I had the same technician set me up with NPC and do two data migrations — Sergio is very knowledgeable and got things working quickly.

I think NPC provides great value for the cost.

NPC Client - Elisa Moteeram

Manulife Wealth


I have been a fan — I mean a customer of NPC for well over a decade and cannot imagine operating without them. The peace of mind and solace I retain by knowing that all of my clients' information and all of my documentation is safe and secure has no price tag.

I am not the most tech-savvy of Advisors, so it is extremely comforting to know that at the press of a button or the dial of one phone number, I can have instant tech support by a team of individuals who are superior in their field of knowledge. The customer support and service are second to none. No task is too great or too complicated.

I have recommended NPC to clients and they have ALL become NPC customers, one of which is a doctor and needs the added protection for patient files. In this day and age of continuing hacking scandals and cyber attacks, I cannot imagine why anyone — regardless of their profession, in the financial industry or not — would not be utilizing NPC’s services.

I look forward to another 10 years or more!

NPC Client - Joe Sheehan

Life Design Systems


When I think of the companies I use, NPC has the highest satisfaction rating because it gives me peace of mind on two fronts.

Firstly, if something goes wrong, they are one phone call away. I don’t have to call my son who, for that reason, now loves NPC more than I do. Secondly, we deal with a lot of confidential information, so the fact we are automatically backed up 24/7 makes it easier for us.

I know that the support people at NPC are immensely patient and, with that kind of support, NPC is extremely valuable. When you factor in everything else you would normally have to spend, NPC is an overall inexpensive service.

NPC Client - Melba Belo

3i Financial


NPC is a smart and complete solution for my computer needs — NPC makes computing user-friendly and the 24-hour, speedy support is valuable for those times I’ve needed help. I have confidence in the security and confidentiality of my client information and that NPC always makes sure that my computer is operating at its most effective and efficient level, which means there are very few (if any) interruptions to my business.

Life Insurance Agent


Security and confidentiality is a must in my line of work. People who do income tax and e-filing know the consequences of losing a Social Insurance Number. Identity theft is becoming a disease all over the world and we must be very careful how we handle someone else's SIN much more than our own. NPC gives me peace of mind on my biggest fear.

SAJ Advancement Services


It was the first time we encountered technology that would provide us with a host of things all at one time.

YM Arbitration & Mediation Services


My renewal of the contract for another three years is testament to my satisfaction with the services provided by NPC. They are always available at a moment's notice and no problem is too big or too small. The technicians are always courteous and they go the extra mile to help you. I would not hesitate to recommend this service.

Lakeshore Financial


I began using NPC several years ago after seeing Larry speaking at the IFB conference. With the privacy and compliance requirements in today's world, I wouldn't be with out it! It's a must for any modern professional.



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